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Questions about species, seeds, cultivation etc.
We can not directly help to identify species, answer questions etc. We are not experts in all of the biological groups, and we mainly concentrate on taking photos. Please send a post to the forum at biopix; here you can send a message, upload photos etc. Most often the users get answers to their questions here from others with expertise.

Free use of photos
We can in some cases grant free use for projects with no budgets and voluntary labour. In most other cases we try to cover our expenses with the base price of 30EUR/photo. We can in some cases support non-commercial projects with a reduced price. Please contact us if you qualify for a reduced price or free use.Please find more info here.

Review of photos
When you order photos, you can place the order for review. You will get the hi-res files, and we shall wait with the invoice till we hear from you, if the photos are actually used.

Delivery of photos
Immediately after ordering photos, you will get an email with a link to download of the hi-res files. If we do not hear further, an invoice will follow later.

When you order a photo,normally an invoice will be sent out as a .pdf with email before a month. If you wish the invoice before that, please contact us. The invoice is based directly on the information that you supply in the order (address, use of photos etc.). The invoices are normally paid by direct bank transfer. The IBAN and SWIFT numbers are stated on the invoice. It is also possible to pay by PayPal

Byline, acknowledgment, photo credit
Normally the photos are credited with © Biopix [photographer], like e.g. © Biopix JC Schou. In the Lightbox there is a table column with Bylines for the individual photos, like e.g. here. If the photos are published online, a link may also be useful for your users, e.g. to our zoom page for the individual photo, like here.

Print of photos.
You can buy prints of all of our photos. You order, we deliver the digital file, and the print is done by a graphic print company, like e.g. Hvid Grafisk. A print of for example 120x80 cm in photo quality can normally be done for ca. 5-600 DKK.

Kontakt email: biopix@gmail.com

Phone: +45 2371 0669

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Bøgenonne (Calliteara pudibunda) Markfirben (Lacerta agilis) Carrageentang (Chondrus crispus) Sortåret hvidvinge (Aporia crataegi) Rhododendron metternichii Lugtløs Kamille (Tripleurospermum perforatum) Fedtet Tørvemos (Sphagnum subnitens) Eublemma minutata


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